Luxury Linens USA is proud to provide your store and customers with the highest value in linen products.  

Our turn-key services allow you to provide to your customers superb quality linens at affordable prices.  This puts us in the position to guaranty our product.  With a wide spectrum of available product, it is our pleasure to provide consultative services, and ultimately the best-suited product, to enhance your results in your marketplace.  We have and will continue to service and merchandise our linens for our customers at our cost, if needed.  We are an EDI-capable trading partner and provide bar-coded product as needed.  


 Since 2010, providing wholesale linen products and services to eighteen states from our headquarters in Chicago, and from our regional offices and warehouses in Michigan and in Arizona. 


 You will receive attention to detail from the top down.  We strive to integrate your knowledge of your customer with our experience in order to maximize your results. 


 Our linen products provide the highest in quality while delivering a price most attractive to you and your customers.